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Our Roll Model

When Kindred Spirits started in 2003, our mission was simple: rescue farmed animals who needed help. And by 2009, farmed animals came to us from across the country as we became a well-known rescue in Florida.

That's when we got a call about Butterscotch, a small goat who was born unable to walk on her own.

While we had never had a little goat with her kind of special needs, she needed our help, and we just could let her struggle and suffer. After many, many vet visits, we learned that she would never be able to walk on her own and would likely require the assistance of a wheelchair to get around.

Butterscotch was a lively young happy goat who adjusted amazingly to her chair. She sparked a passion in our team for helping animals who needed someone to go the extra mile for them. We've since cared for 13 goats, sheep, chickens, a duck, and a pig, who have needed a wheelchair or special equipment to improve their mobility temporarily or for a lifetime.

It's kinda become sort of our thing – and residents like Neville, Patton, and Penny all benefitted from this specialized expertise.

Butterscotch lived to be 11 years old, and her wheelchair is still used today to help many of the goats we bring in who need some assistance. She'll always be our inspiration -- our "roll model."


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