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Living His Best Life

Updated: May 12, 2022

Milo, our most recent rescue and arguably the cutest baby goat ever continues to thrive. And he proved (almost) everyone wrong. When we first rescued Milo, he had NEVER stood on his own feet. The costly CT scan and MRI painted a grim picture. And the advice from multiple veterinarians was to give him a peaceful passing.

But we didn’t give up on him. Why? Plain and simple: he was happy and full of life.

How do we know when it’s the right time to say goodbye? That process involves measuring each individual animal’s quality of life. Our caregiving staff monitor for things like a resident’s comfort and attitude. Are they able to be with their friends and social group? Do they still get joy?

Anyone who has faced this decision for their furry companions knows that this is not an easy assessment. It’s complicated. For some of our residents, it is obvious to everyone who knows them that their time is here. But, sometimes, it’s not that simple.

At the sanctuary, we listen to the advice of the professionals we work alongside, and we also have an internal process that helps us work through making sure we make the right decision for each animal in our care. We always respect the opinions of our veterinarians, even if we disagree with their recommendations.

Our medical team monitors the diagnosis of a resident, pain levels, reactions to medicine and treatment, and the medical history of each resident. We assess the resident’s quality of life uniquely and compare it to the thousands of animals we have cared for over the years.

And thankfully, no one person bears the burden alone. Our team comes together every Friday morning and discusses any resident raising concerns.

In the case of little Milo, the decision to give him more time was pretty apparent despite the veterinary advice. He came home from the hospital enjoying his bottles, loving cuddles, and expressing a generally happy attitude. So we decided to place him in hospice care here at the sanctuary as a team. Which means we were closely monitoring his condition for any signs of pain or discomfort.

Every morning, we start by taking his temperature, heart rate, and respiratory rate. And we spoiled him rotten. He was allowed to have anything he wanted, and for him, this was nourishing bottles of milk and cuddles. We were going to make sure that he enjoyed doing what baby goats typically enjoy… and once it was clear that he wasn’t, we knew it would be time to say goodbye.

Luckily for us, we've had these procedures in place a long time because Milo, the miracle baby, decided to get up and start living his best life! Of course, we still monitor him closely because his future is unknown, but we have hope that he will continue to grow and experience the joy we want for all our residents.

Thank you for reading! We love hearing your stories. 🥰

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Does Milo have an underbite?


I couldn’t agree more with the reasoning behind your decision to give Milo a chance. My elderly tabby was diagnosed with pancreatic cancer going on six years ago, but she is still with me! We have just come through another decline, but with the right meds she has recovered. But unlike before, the symptoms have returned once the meds were stopped. Her time may be approaching but I feel so blessed to have had her this long. Quality of life, and as you put it, joy, or a lack thereof, determine the time. Chedda’s mom


So thankful you helped him recover to enjoy his life! Love this beautiful little goat. I'd love to have him if I had a fenced area with a shelter to keep him safe. Animals are my passion and I'd do whatever it takes to keep them healthy and safe. Thanks for helping this little goat live a full life!!


Thank you for the wonderful story about Milo. He is so handsome and I’m so thrilled that you all are there for all these animals. God bless all of you for what you do.


What an inspiring story , not giving up on Milo , with all experts advice , Milo

was so very fortunate you listened to HIM in the most compassionate way.

You are a miracle team for truly listening to Milo , not taking anybody's advice . I LOVE this story and adorable miracle Milo .

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