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Spring 'Do

We love springtime for all of the green grass growing, chirping birds and sheep haircuts!

The overgrowth of wool can make the sheep overheat, especially in Florida, where our temperatures are already in the 90’s and the humidity is super high.

Wool sheep are unable to shed their wool on their own and would continue to grow wool until it became so heavy it could affect their mobility. Because of this, we shear our sheep here twice a year: once in the spring and once in the fall.

But this is a good thing. Trust us… Our sheep, like Baarbara pictured, are always under the watchful eye of a caregiver while they are getting their haircuts. Unlike a large sheep farm, where the shearing process is focused on speed and the quality of the fleece coming off the sheep, here we focus on the sheep’s comfort and health. The shearing process takes a few minutes, and the shearer puts the sheep into positions that help them relax and keep the clipper blades from cutting their skin. Once they are all finished, they rejoin their friends!

We leave the wool, removed from the sheep during this process, out for wild animals to use for nesting material, or we compost it.

Now let’s all enjoy the longer afternoons grazing with our sheep friends or laying under a shady oak tree.

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