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Born at the Sanctuary

It's rare to have little ones at the sanctuary. We do everything we can to control the population of residents (more about that below) -- and reserve available space for animals in need of emergency rescue.

But inevitably, there are cases where females come to us very pregnant, and we get the joy of having some babies running around. This was the case with Lola.

Pregnant Lola came to us with a large open wound on her side and had to be rushed to the university hospital for treatment. We got her sewed up, kept her injury clean and wrapped, gave her antibiotics, and monitored her closely until she was healed.

A couple of short months later, Patrick and Pearl were born in March. The birth went off without a hitch, thankfully. And both mom and the precious newborns were well and healthy.

This month, mom and her two babies leave the med barn's safety and are being introduced to one of our goat pastures. We have six all-goat herds and two mixed goat and sheep herds. The trio will first be introduced to a pasture with smaller goats to keep the little ones safe from territorial tussles until we see just how big they will get.

Please welcome Pearl and Patrick! And keep up with their progress on Instagram, Facebook, and TikTok.

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