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When quarantines and distancing orders have been lifted, we will resume our tours, potlucks and events.

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    Tours & Vegan Potlucks are a great opportunity to come meet some of our residents up close and learn their stories.

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    Volunteers help with an array of different tasks, from cleaning to painting and everything in between.

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    Ever wanted to stay at
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In 2017, Kindred Spirits Sanctuary started a new innovative program called Kindred Cares Veterinary Services. This program allowed us to hire a staff veterinarian and to assist other rescued farmed animals at little to no cost to the sanctuaries that provide them forever homes. 

Kindred Cares Veterinary Services is currently operating in the south, in both Florida and Georgia, and our veterinarian, Dr. Rogers, oversees the medical care of over 1,000 rescued farmed animals. These animals are often rescued from horrible conditions and have been bred to live short lives. Due to those conditions, these animals need very specialized care and Dr. Rogers works closely with caregivers to make sure that each resident at the sanctuaries get the treatments that they need. 

This program also allows us to reach veterinary medicine students, who are about to go out into the world, through our veterinary externship program. Extern’s work closely with Dr. Rogers and our vet tech, Emily. Our goal is to teach them to see these animals in a different light and help them understand that they are deserving of the same treatment as animals typically considered pets. We have a long ways to go, as even rescued farmed animals are considered by the medical community and the FDA to be ‘food animals’, but our hope is that through the years we will build a strong voice for farmed animals and their care. 

We are not open to the public as a veterinary clinic and can not answer medical questions without a valid relationship with a sanctuary and the animals. 



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