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One for All and All for One

Providing a safe, forever home to over 190 rescued farmed animals is no easy task. Much of our time is spent making sure the needs of each individual are met. Providing medical care, cleaning, mowing, and fence-mending are all things that happen daily. Often, we need help with these chores, and that’s where our beloved volunteers come in!

We typically need 10-15 people for a 4-5 hour workday. And this isn’t just ‘play with the cute animals’ time. Our workdays focus on big projects! Over the last month, volunteers have helped us clean many of the animal’s barns, keep up with the mowing and remove some pesky vines growing up the side of our feed room.

Volunteers can expect to help clear out barns, paint, weed, plant trees, build structures, and more. We love to have large groups out to get big projects done and because it gives you a chance to meet other people who love helping animals! We’ve made lots of friends through our workday program!

Before the pandemic, we welcomed volunteers once monthly. Unfortunately, for safety during Covid, we had to shut down our volunteer program. In the beginning, we weren’t sure if this virus would be able to spread to the animals on the property, so we had concern for both the humans who work here and the animals. The shutdown set us behind on big projects. While the animals all get their needs met, there are many projects that we got very far behind on. Our hope now is to get back to our regular schedule, but we’ll always have the safety of volunteers, staff, and, of course, our residents top of mind.

We just wanted to take a moment to say a huge THANK YOU to those of you who have given your time to help with animals who call Kindred Spirits Sanctuary home. If you didn’t get to join us but would like to -- don’t worry. Our next volunteer day is September 25th! Please email us to sign up or learn more.

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