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Give It All You’ve Goat

The Goat Games are back! This year we have a goal to fund some Olympic climbing structures for many of our goat residents! Our little superhero Milo is leading the team this year, taking the baton from Penny.

Will they look cute jumping around on their jungle gyms? Absolutely! But the reason we need them is so much bigger than that!

We love to provide ways for residents to perform natural behaviors. Pigs have mud wallows, birds have dirt baths and roosts, and goats... they like to climb.

Goats are naturally prey animals, they feel safe when they can get to a high area and keep an eye out for predators! Even though our goats get all their care from their human caregivers, they still like to do some things that their wild ancestors did. Multiple levels also give them the ability to get some space from a pushy member of the herd if they need it!

Bonus: The areas under the platforms can provide wonderful shady areas for taking naps! Napping in the shade is super relaxing (right?!) and more space in the shade is always needed. Having some of the sides covered also gives some of our goats who are lower in the hierarchy a place to nap out of view of the ever-so-bossy Santana.

(Both gyms can also be found on our Amazon Wishlist >> Click here)

Another super important aspect is the mental stimulation these play areas can offer! Goats are very intelligent, it’s what often gets them into trouble! We want to be sure that our residents are taken care of in every way, from veterinary and dietary needs to their emotional and mental health as well!

And we don't just have one goat yard...we have eight! So adding a gym to each yard is a costly prospect.

So join us this year to make the 2022 Goat Games truly the G.O.A.T. (Greatest Of All Time.)

It's easy:

1. Register as a Kindred Spirits Sanctuary Athlete here. We'd love to have 5-10 athletes carrying our flag. WDYT?

2. Build your personal fundraising page and commit to an "activity" of your choice (to be completed between August 12-15). Please feel free to slag pics from our social media or this post.

3. Ask your friends and family to support you with a small gift as a Team Kindred Spirits and help Team Captain Milo get that gym to share with his goat friends!

Remember, your "activity" can be literally anything. Stranger Things marathon? Yep. Back to school shopping? Sure. Meeting your daily 10k steps to burn off a new flavor of vegan ice cream. Sounds amazing.


Join #TeamKindredSpirits as A Donor.

Keep an eye out for more Goat Games content on social. #TeamKindredSpirits #thegoatgames22. Or receive text updates: Text 2022goatgames to 71777

Msg & data rates may apply.

P.S. Remember, The Goat Games is only open to accredited sanctuaries. Kindred Spirits is proud to be accredited by Global Federation of Animal Sanctuaries.

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