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Doctor, doctor

It's hard for people with "typical" companion animals to find a great vet.

There are many questions. What kind of services and diagnostics can they offer? Where do they refer their patients if they need a specialist? Do they offer emergency services? And you and your animal friends like the people and the environment?

Finding the right vet that can understand, diagnose, and treat our residents' crazy medical conditions is impossible.

We have all those same questions too! But at the sanctuary, we are home to many different species of animals, but one thing they all have in common is that they are the types of animals traditionally used for food.

That's tricky because most vets are trained to think of them as “food animals” with short lifespans who don't typically see a lot of resources go toward keeping them well – and, let's be honest, they eat them.

We’ve always hated this perspective as our residents will never enter the food chain, and they are our family.

This issue is part of the reason we set out five years ago to build our own clinic. We wanted our residents to not have the stress of transport as much as possible, and also to have the vet and staff caring for them be faces familiar to them.

We wanted a team that understood our residents are friends, not food. We’ve been incredibly lucky to work not only with our in-house vet Dr. Rogers but also with many other vets from across our state to help with things beyond the scope of our clinic.

BIG NEWS: Now, it’s time for our next exciting chapter, and that is the addition of Dr. B to our team! Dr. B has been a volunteer of ours for quite a long time. She has helped with everything from building fences to being a surgery tech with Dr. R.

We were so excited when we learned that she was headed off to vet school and have been waiting as patiently as possible for her to finish vet school and join us! And now that time is here! Welcome, Dr. B!!

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1 Comment

Rodica Cosma
Rodica Cosma
Aug 18, 2022

Leave the ani alone they are God creatures

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